Submission Guidelines

post submission guidelinesSUBMISSION GUIDELINES:

  • Excerpts should not exceed 2000 words. If you submit a little more than that, to avoid cutting off the submission mid sentence or mid-chapter, that’s fine, but please nothing more than that.
  • Upload no later than the Saturday before we meet to give members a chance to read your work and prepare thoughtful feedback. Please note that members are not expected to read or prepare feedback for submissions that come in after the deadline.
  • When uploading, label your file with your name, title and date of the meetup you plan to attend, i.e. Jack – Jill on the Hill – 24.03.17
  • Please proofread, grammar check, and double-space the work. Use Arial or Times New Roman font and 12pt text.
  • In the header of your document put the title of your work, your name, and an email address to which members can send their feedback. The email is not mandatory but incredibly helpful since this is our preferred method for forwarding notes to authors after the meeting.
  • In the footer put your page count as page x of y
  • If your submission is part of an ongoing work please include a summary at the beginning of the document i.e., In the previous instalment, Mindy (the main character) discovered that her apartment was burgled and all of the photographic evidence of Bluey, the blue Sasquatch, was removed from her home. In this scene, Mindy uncovers clues to the thief’s identity.
  • It is helpful, but not mandatory, to let us know what type of feedback you would like to receive.